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Ant Nest - Medium

Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
Ant Nest - Medium
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  • Model: Medium Nest

Our medium nest is perfect for colonies of up to 200 ants depending on the size of the species. Two natural looking plaster pieces, to which water is added, provides the essential moisture needed within the nest, and also provides two moisture gradients for the queen and colony to raise their brood.

Key Features

  • Ability to add two temperature and moisture monitors to have 'Dual Zones'
  • Strong 3mm clear acrylic and red acrylic tops
  • Natural looking plaster pieces to add moisture to the nest
  • Standoffs for heat cables supplied
  • Temperature and moisture monitor(s) can be transferred if you buy another HighTechAnts nest
  • 10mm ID/13mm OD Tube connector included
  • Ships with two blanking plates to cover the holes the temperature and moisture monitors would normally use.

General Information

The nest is supplied with a strong 3mm clear acrylic lid for to view within the nest, but also comes with a dark red acrylic lid to keep the nest dark.

A tube connector is supplied with the nest to connect it to an outworld or an arena. The tube connector is designed for tube which has an outer diameter of 13mm and an inner diameter of 10mm. Tube can vary slightly in dimensions, but the tube connector is designed to fit the tube in our shop perfectly. The tube also has no writing on it for an extra clear view of the colony.

What makes this nest, and all our nests, special, is the ability to attach our temperature and moisture monitor to it. This is an optional module that can be purchased for the nest, and it simply attaches to the formicarium with the use of powerful magnets which are located in the nest's wall. You can also purchase an additional temperature and moisture monitor to have two temperature and moisture zones.

Each species of ant has its own temperature and moisture requirement within the nest. For example, Lasius Niger ants prefer a moisture level of between 10-50% and a temperature of between 20-27°C. In order for your colony to be happy and for your queen to lay eggs at an optimal rate, you should keep the nest within these moisture and temperature ranges. Our temperature and moisture monitor makes this job easy. If the nest is too dry, add a few drops of water and watch the humidity within the nest increase. Or, if the nest is too cold, use a heat cable to raise the temperature. No longer do you need to guess if your nest is at the correct temperature or humidity.

We recommend using a heat cable rather than a heat mat to heat the nest, because a heat cable can be used to heat a certain part of a nest to provide a temperature gradient for your ants. A heat cable can also be used to heat more than one nest at a time. We actually have one of our heat cables heating eight formicariums over a number of shelves.

All of our nests are supplied with heat cable standoffs. Care must be taken when using a heat cable, and only very low wattage cables should be used. We recommend using these 15w heat cables which we have successfully tested with our nests.

Nest Dimensions (without tube connector or Temperature Monitor)
100mm x 120mm x 23mm
Connectors Included
Tube Connector
Heat Cable Standoffs Included

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