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Temperature and Moisture Monitor (Bluetooth) for 3D Printed V3 Nests

Temperature and Moisture Monitor (Bluetooth) for 3D Printed V3 Nests
Temperature and Moisture Monitor (Bluetooth) for 3D Printed V3 Nests
Temperature and Moisture Monitor (Bluetooth) for 3D Printed V3 Nests
7 - 10 Days
Temperature and Moisture Monitor (Bluetooth) for 3D Printed V3 Nests
Temperature and Moisture Monitor (Bluetooth) for 3D Printed V3 Nests
Temperature and Moisture Monitor (Bluetooth) for 3D Printed V3 Nests
Temperature and Moisture Monitor (Bluetooth) for 3D Printed V3 Nests
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  • Model: Temperature and Moisture Monitor (Bluetooth)

*** Please note this will not connect to our acrylic nests, or our V2 3D printed nests, it will only connect to our V3 3D printed nests. If you are unsure, please contact us. ***

This Temperature and Moisture Monitor connects to our V3 3D printed nests and formicariums. This Bluetooth version also has the ability to connect to the Xiaomi Home app.

Each species of ant has its own temperature and moisture requirement within the nest. For example, Lasius Niger ants prefer a moisture level of between 10-50% and a temperature of between 20-27°C. In order for your colony to be happy and for your queen to lay eggs at an optimal rate, you should keep the nest within these moisture and temperature ranges. Our temperature and moisture monitor makes this job easy. If the nest is too dry, and a few drops of water and watch the humidity within the nest increase. Or, if the nest is too cold, use a heat cable to raise the temperature. No longer do you need to guess if your nest is at the correct temperature or humidity.

We recommend using a heat cable rather than a heat mat to heat the nest, because a heat cable can be used to heat a certain part of a nest to provide a temperature gradient for your ants. A heat cable can also be used to heat more than one nest at a time. We actually have one of our heat cables heating eight formicariums over a number of shelves.

All of our nests allow for the use of a heat cable by installing the heat cable standoffs which are supplied with nests. Care must be taken when using a heat cable, and only very low wattage cables should be used. We recommend using these 15w heat cables which we have successfully tested with our nests.

If you didn't purchase a V3 3D printed nest that already came with a temperature and moisture monitor, then this can be attached to all our V3 nests.

Battery and Readings

The battery is activated on the monitor when we ship it, and it should last for six to twelve months. To replace the battery, remove the four screws holding down the Perspex lid. Use your fingernail or alike, and run it around the edge of the monitor, and the back will come off. Replace the battery (CR2032), and replace the back of the monitor. Be careful to align the three small holes on the back piece with the 'cut out' on the side of the monitor. Place the monitor back into the 3D printed holder, again making sure that the cutouts in the monitor are aligned with the cutout in the 3D printed holder. Screw in the four screws. They need to be snug to create a seal, but not too tight as might crack the Perspex or strip the plastic. We recommend using a branded CR2032 battery like Duracell or alike rather than cheap bulk ones.

The temperature and humidity readings are shown in increments of 0.1. The accuracy stated by the manufacturer is +/- 0.3 degrees for temperature and +/- 3% humidity.

App Instructions

Please note, we have no control over the app, or whether it will continue to work with the temperature and moisture monitor in the future. The company that makes the monitor and the app are a large Chinese company and seem to be keeping the app updated frequently over the last 12 months. If the app ceases to work, the temperature and moisture monitor will continue to provide the readings on the LCD screen without problem.

Download the Xiaomi Home app. You might need to register for an account. Make sure you are close to your Bluetooth temperature and moisture monitor and make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Open the app and press the '+' icon in the top right and select 'add device'. Your monitor should be shown at which point you can add it and rename it if required.

You can then click the monitor within the app to see the live temperature and humidity readings. There is also a 'history' button at the bottom of the screen where you can see more historical data.

If you leave the app and then return to it, the connection can be lost, just go back to the screen where you can click your monitor, and then the connection will be reestablished.

Obviously, you need to be in Bluetooth range to be able to connect to your monitor(s). We are currently awaiting delivery of a 'gateway' to which the monitors connect, which in turn connects to the internet so you can see your monitor even while out of Bluetooth range.  We will keep you updated about this when we have tested it.

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