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Please check out our FAQ before contacting us.

Can the acrylic lids on the 3D printed nests be removed for cleaning?

Yes! Both lids can be removed, the red lid just sits on top of the nest to keep it dark, the clear lid is secured with screws, for which an allen key is included. When screwing the clear lid back on, do not over tighten the screw or you can strip the plastic.

Can the nests be cleaned?

Yes, but careful measures must be taken with our 3D printed nests and parts.

Our 3D printed nests and parts can only be cleaned in lukewarm water. Any water temperature of 40 degrees and over can cause the nest to deform. If you are unsure of the water temperature, please use some sort of thermometer.

The acrylic parts in our 3D printed nests and in our acrylic nests can be washed in warm water.

If you are at all unsure, please contact us.

Can I use my own tube?

Yes, but our tube connectors are designed to fit the tube we sell exactly. The inner diameter of the tube is 10mm, and the outer diameter is 13mm.

How long do the batteries in the temperature and moisture monitor last (non-Bluetooth)?

The temperature and moisture monitor is supplied with batteries, 2 x LR44. However, the unit cannot be turned off and is 'always on'. When the product arrives with us we have no way of really telling how old the batteries are. On average though, the batteries should last 2+ years.

How do I change the batteries in the Temperature and Moisture Monitor (non-Bluetooth)?

On the bottom of the temperature and moisture monitor, there is a hole into which you can push something like a screwdriver which releases the monitor from its surround. There is some additional cable within the surround making it easy to change the batteries if needed.

Can my outworld be glued?

Yes, we offer this free of charge. Just leave a note on your order when placing. Gluing can be especially useful if you have a very small species of ant or plan to have substrate.

Will the magnets damage my electronics?

Various objects have a sensitivity to static magnetic fields of permanent magnets. They disturb some devices only temporarily, but others could be damaged permanently.

  • Camera, mobile/cell phone, smart phone: No danger for storage medium
  • Vehicle key: No danger
  • USB stick, memory cards: No danger
  • CD, DVD: No danger

Below you can find a (non-exhaustive) list of objects that should not get too close to permanent magnets. For each object, we included the recommended safe distance to the magnets used in our products.

  • High-quality magnetic card (credit card, ATM card) - 9mm
  • Cheap magnetic card (parking garage, admission ticket) - 24mm
  • Pacemaker - New - 35mm
  • Pacemaker - Old - 43mm
  • Mechanical watch, non-magnetic pursuant to ISO 764 - 18mm
  • Mechanical watch, not non-magnetic- 98mm
  • Hearing aid - 12mm
  • Hard drive - Unclear

We take no responsibility for any damage caused by the magnets. If you are unsure, please do not place the magnets near to the object.