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Camponotus Herculeanus Queen Ant + Workers

Camponotus Herculeanus Queen Ant + Workers
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Camponotus Herculeanus Queen Ant + Workers
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Camponotus Herculeanus, also known as the carpenter ant, is one of the worlds largest species, but ideal for a beginner ant keeper. The are frequently found nesting in rotten logs and stumps, but they are not native to the UK.

The queen is generally 14-17mm in length and is often darker in colour to the workers. The workers have a red area at the front of their abdomen.

Workers vary in length between 5mm up to a massive 14mm. Sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish between the queen and the largest workers, but the red abdomen of the workers helps with identification.

A Camponotus Herculeanus queen is thought to live between 10-15 years.

Simply provide them with a temperature of between 20-27°C (room temperature) in the nest and a humidity of between 56-60% plus some additional honey and protein and they will be very happy.

You can feed Camponotus Herculeanus colonies sugar water or honey, but we find ours love Ant Nectar! As a protein source you can feed them fruit flies, meal worms and other small insects. We always recommend feeding your colony dead insects. To make sure there are no harmful bacteria in the protein source, we recommend either quickly boiling the dead insects, or freeze them in the freezer. Your local pet store should stock meal worms and fruit flies, and these can be kept in the freezer for many months meaning they are not wasted.

Until the colony has about 10-15 workers, the colony can be quite docile, once the colony starts to grow, they are much more lively and great to watch.

Camponotus Herculeanus should be hibernated during winter months (late October to late March) as they would do in the wild. You can do this by keeping the ants at temperatures of between 5-10 degrees celsius. Don't let the temperature fall below 5 degrees as the ants could die.

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