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byFormica Fluon Plus PTFE Escape Prevention Coating - 10ml Bottle

byFormica Fluon Plus PTFE Escape Prevention Coating - 10ml Bottle
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byFormica Fluon Plus PTFE Escape Prevention Coating - 10ml Bottle
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What it is

When applied to the side walls of a plastic or glass container, PTFE Plus dries within seconds to form a slippery film coating climbing insects are unable to easily cross. Once they reach the coating, the insects will slip and fall back to the bottom. Under optimal environmental conditions, the barrier will remain effective for several months and is completely non-toxic once dried.

Our proprietary formulation is recommended for laboratory-grade crawling insect containment, and is used by entomologists world-wide to prevent a variety of climbing insects from escaping their container or habitat enclosure.

How it's different:

Competitors typically sell the product in raw form, which is designed for dipping, not brushing, and is intended for certain industrial applications. The raw product is not optimized for insect containment, and extra care must be taken for the application to work effectively.

In contrast, our exclusive formula contains a proprietary blend of application-specific surfactants and inactive ingredients, which allow PTFE Plus to brush on more smoothly and evenly than competitor options, and be less likely to experience irreversible product settling during long-term storage. Because applications go on more smoothly and with fewer streaks, splotches, and places for insects to grab, PTFE Plus is tested up to 50% more effective than competitor options when used as directed.

Simply apply the PTFE Plus with the included cotton bud/cue tip.


Over time the Fluon Plus can 'settle' meaning it looks like the liquid has separated. Don't worry, gently turn the bottle upside down and back a few times, this will 're-mix' the Fluon Plus again. Do not shake the bottle, this can cause the liquid to clump.

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