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Ant Outworld and Arena - Large

Ant Outworld and Arena - Large
Ant Outworld and Arena - Large
Made to Order
Ant Outworld and Arena - Large
Ant Outworld and Arena - Large
Ant Outworld and Arena - Large
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  • Stock: Made to Order
  • Model: Large Outworld and Arena

This outworld, at the moment, is made to order, hence the 'out of stock' status. To order this, please contact us.

This is the perfect area to give food and water to your colony. Our Large Outworld is the larger version of our hugely popular Medium Outworld. This Large Outworld measures 400mm x 285mm x 120mm without the legs or connector.

You can connect this outworld directly to your ant nest, or you can connect it to our 4 Way Connector to allow for further expansion at a later date. This outworld also has four entrances to allow for further expansion of your colony when needed. The additional entrances and exits will also allow for a 'flow' of traffic.

The outworld is made of strong 3mm clear acrylic for the sides, top and lid, and 3mm white acrylic for the base. If you are going for a minimalistic outworld, this white base allows for a great view of your colony.

If you want to add a bed of sand or soil, or anything else, you can do so up to a depth of 3mm without it falling into the entrance of the outworld. There is a raised base around the entrance to allow for this. Obviously, this won't stop your colony from taking the material into the nest if they wish.  

The lid features air vents to allow for air circulation, and also a handle for easy removal. The lid sits snugly on the screws holding the 'top' of the outworld on, and this 'top' piece provides an excellent place to put your escape fluid on.  We recommend using something like PTFE fluid on the underside of the 'top' piece.

The outworld is supplied constructed with 2x PVC tube connectors to connect to your other modules and two module blanking plates to block the other enterances until needed.


All acrylic used in this outworld is Perspex®.

Outworld Information
Outworld Dimensions (without connectors) 400mm x 285mm x 120mm (L x W x H)

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