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Let your ants explore!

Simply connect the outworld to another module like a formicarium or a 4 way connector, and your ants can access food and water which you provide.

Our outworlds are designed so you can add sand or soil to the arena up to a depth of 3mm and it won't fall into the outworld entry due to a raised piece within the outworld. We are currently designing more raised pieces which will allow for a thicker layer of sand or soil if required.

Brand: HighTechAnts
This is the perfect area to give food and water to your colony. Don't be fooled by the word 'small' in this instance, this is a very spacious outworld for your ant colony. It measures 120mm x 120mm x 140mm.You can connect this outworld directly to your ant nest, or you can connect it to our 4 Way Co..
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