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Heat Cable - 15W - 4 Meter

Heat Cable - 15W - 4 Meter
Heat Cable - 15W - 4 Meter
Heat Cable - 15W - 4 Meter
Heat Cable - 15W - 4 Meter
Heat Cable - 15W - 4 Meter
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  • Model: Heat Cable - 4m - 15w

This 15 Watt, 4 meter heat cable is perfect for our HighTechAnts nests and formicariums. We have used and tested this heat cable with all of our nests and it provides a perfect heat output.

A heat cable is the perfect heating solution for a ant nest because you can use it to heat a specific area of the nest; this creates a nice heat gradient for your queen and workers to choose from to raise the brood.

This 4 meter heat cable comes with an additional 2 meters of flex to make it easier to plug in.

Given the length of this cable, it can be used to heat multiple nests, we have it heating 8 nests over a couple of shelves.

To use this heat cable with our 3D printed nests you will need to use the heat cable standoffs which are supplied with the nest. Our acrylic nests already sit on feet allowing for use of this heat cable.

This comes with a 3 pin UK plug.

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